Independent Audit Services - Powered by INAudit

  • logo inauditIs your SmartPlant Instrumentation data error free?  Even though spot checks can find bad data, usually no one does anything about it.
  • Make sure your SPI data is as good as you think it is.  An independent audit will identify erroneous data and generate reports allowing you to assign personnel to further examine the data and take corrective action.
  • Check for Data Integrity.  Identify incomplete and inaccurate data that can cause hidden costs and safety concerns.
  • Don't wait for someone to question the credibility of this important asset.  Call today and schedule an audit.


  • Customized, electronic process
  • Quick turnaround - complete report within 10 days of receipt of your database
  • Detailed audit reports with summary reports indicating percentage or error free data
  • Electronic documents (MS Excel files) identifying data that needs attention
  • Impartial analysis
  • Performed offsite so work and projects can continue without impact
  • Flat rate per domain


  • Cost Savings - provides management reports identifying incomplete and inaccurate data; plus recommendations for correcting the data and for overall improvement of data quality
  • Efficiency and Productivity - our audit recommendations usually result in improved efficiencies, productivity, additional revenue and cost avoidance or reduction
  • Improved Data Quality - an independent audit of your data acts as a deterrent to oversight, apathy and negligence
  • Confidence - stakeholders are certain that their data is accurate and the quality is excellent

Contact us for more information about our SmartPlant Instrumentation independent audit server.