Upcoming New Products

  • INCharm
    • a web application that allows the user to create a CHARM Wire Termination Report. 
  • INAudit - Pro
    • Loop Check
      • a web app used to check (audit) instrumentation data in preparation for loop checks
      • ensure the correct data is in place for the loops checks
    • PreMerge Check
      • a web app used to check (audit) project data before merging into the As-Built data
      • protect your valuable As-Built data by performing detailed and extensive project and As-Built data integrity checks to:
        • identify erroneous data before you merge it into the As-Built database
        • prevent extensive corruption to the As-Built database
        • ensure your data is correct and prevent loss of confidence in the validity of the data in the As-Built database

Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about these products or if you want to be involved as part of our "design team" or want to become a Beta tester.