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INAudit is a web-based tool that interrogates your instrumentation database and generates reports highlighting discrepancies within your data.

  • INAudit is easy to use and, as a web-based application, it does not require a user ID or a password to access it.
  • INAudit is your 24/7 administrator, assisting you in maintaining the quality of your instrumentation data.
  • INAConfig, the INAudit administrator tool, is bundled with INAudit and is used to configure auditing rules and exceptions to the rules to audit your data specifically for your requirements. Read about INAConfig.


  • User friendly - intuitive and easy to learn and use
  • Quickly identify incomplete and inaccurate instrumentation data
  • Web application - connect using Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • No hidden costs
  • Offers comprehensive both Summary and Detailed non-compliance reports that easily export to Microsoft Excel

100% Customizable

  • Adapts to your company instrumentation philosophies

100% Compliant with SmartPlant Instrumentation Databases

  • Supports both Engineering or As-Built/Owner Operator domain types
  • Compatible with vv2009, v2013, v2016
  • Compatible with Oracle, SQL and Watcom
  • Support 2013 Predefined Mode for Oracle databases

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