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INView is a web-based tool that provides internet browser access to your instrumentation data.  It was developed to meet the demands for a tool for users requiring view-only access to instrumentation data.  INView© empowers the right people to access instrumentation data, thereby assisting engineering and maintenance personnel to make better and improved business decisions.

  • INView is easy to use and, as a web-based application, it does not require a user ID or a password to access it.
  • INView allows plant maintenance, instrument leads and project managers access instrumentation data at any time.
  • The INView intuitive explorer interface provides quick access to datasheets, panel strip reports, attached documents, SmartLoop and CAD Loop drawings, hookups, instrument index, index attached documents, vendor datasheets, P&ID drawings, calculation sheets, alarms & trips, I/O assignments and more.


  • User friendly - intuitive and easy to learn and use
  • Web application - connect using Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Concurrent user access
  • Simple search options
    • Global tag search - simpler searching capability. 
    • Wild card search - use space, * or %
    • High Level Filter
  • Use the External URL feature from 3rd party software such an asset management system to view tag data in INView
  • Instrumentation data is 100% secure
    • View-only access
    • Instrumentation data cannot be modified in any way
  • No hidden costs

100% Compliant with SmartPlant Instrumentation Databases

  • Supports both Engineering or As-Built/Owner Operator domain types
  • Compatible with v2009, v2013, v2016
  • Compatible with Oracle, SQL and Watcom
  • Supports SPI 2013 Predefined Mode for Oracle databases

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