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UPDATED November 2016
INView v6.6.0.x

  • Use the NEW External URL feature from 3rd party software such an asset managment system to view tag data in INView

UPDATED June 2016
INView v6.5.74.x

Installation Supports:

  • SPI v2009, v2013 and v2016
  • .NET Framework v4.5
  • SPI 2013 Predefined Mode for Oracle databases

Connection Credentials:

  • Option to use custom user account in Oracle databases

Global Tag Search:

  • New, simpler, more flexible searching
  • No longer uses the tagging segment structure
  • Uses space as a wild card; simpler to enter than * or %
  • Search result added two more columns; Tag Status and Unit Name
  • Search result for As-Built including all projects includes the Tag's project name in the result
  • Search results can be exported to Excel

Module Search:

  • Improved for all modules - uses space as a wild card; simpler to enter than * or %
  • Unit level searches available at Plant and Area levels

Loop Generator:

  • Added the control system data to remote I/O terminations not in the same panel as the DCS/PLC
  • Fixed the INView generated loop problem with cross wires not showing under some conditions
  • Improved the layout of terminal strips to avoid overlapping text / data
  • Alarms and trip values no longer show if they have no values.
  • Improved support for Remote I/O; now shows DCS/PLC, CS Tag, I/O Type, Channel, Rack and Rack Position