INVConfig Overview

INVConfig© is the utility program that accompanies INView. It is used by the INView© administrator to customize INView© for each instrumentation database.


  • Define
    • Datasheet Revision options; view last revision, last 3 revisions or last 6 revisions
    • up to 9 UDT or UDF fields for the Tag Index View
    • P&ID file optons
    • Panel/Strip live report options 
    • Device Loop Diagram options
    • Visibility of INView modules
    • Tag Sorting options
  • Spec Page Reports
    • Retrieve a list of all spec pages and compare old and new
    • Retrieve a list of custom title blocks and compare old and new
    • Check to see if the extracted PSR pages are current with the instrumentation database


  • INVConfig is generally installed on the INView Administrator’s desktop.  The INView Administrator will be creating the XML files for INView.
  • The license file allows INVConfig to be installed on any number of computers.
  • The desktop where INVConfig is installed must have a read only ODBC connection to the SPI database.
  • Access to SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) the desktop is not required.

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INVConfig70x70Version 6.6.x Features

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 6.5.x Features


  • Supports Windows v7, v8
  • Supports SPI v2007, v2009, v2013, v2016
  • Supports .NET Framework v4.5
  • Supports SPI Predefined Mode for Oracle databases

Connection Credentials:

  • Option to use custom user account in Oracle databases.  SPI Admin user account no longer required.


  • Tag Index View UDF/UDT Options – creates configuration to support 3 new custom UDT or UDF fields
  • Modules Deactivation Setup – Full Index View Option removed