INSync v2.1

INSync is comprised of two separate entities; INSync Admin and INSync Review.

INSync Admin is a client-server application that works hand-in-hand with INView Anywhere, INField Check and INLoop Check.   Its purpose is to:

  • create one or more INSync databases.
  • manually or automatically keep the INSync database(s) data synchronized with the parent SPI database to ensure it is up-to-date.
  • create 3 different types of data packages; INView Anywhere, INField Check or INLoop Check which are downloaded to the iPad by INView Anywhere users as required.
  • retrieve related tag or loop documents from a file server or a Document Management System.
  • create loop check forms for use in INLoop Check.
  • keep the data packages synchronized with the SPI data contained in the INSync database(s).
  • receive and store data uploaded from INField Check and INLoop Check.

INSync Admin Benefits

  • Connects manually or automatically to the SPI database to synchronize SPI data in the INSync database.  Synchronization intervals are determined by the INSync Administrator.
  • Data packages have a pre-determined stale date when they become inactive and must be refreshed. This ensures the data used by INView Anywhere is kept current.
  • Packages are completely customizable with content specific to a domain, plant, area, unit, project or loops within a unit.
  • 100% compliant with SPI databases:
    • Supports both Engineering or AsBuilt/Owner Operator domain types.
    • Compatible with v2009, v2013 and v1026 running on an Oracle or SQL Server database platform.

INSync Review is accessed using your internet browser and is used to manage data uploaded to the INSync database from the INView Anywhere INField Check and/or INLoop Check add-on apps.  Once uploaded the users can view their data and the INSync Administrator can manage the data.

  • INField Check as-found data (markups and photos) can be rejected, approved or marked complete per company management of change procedures.
  • INLoop Check:
    • Loop status is based on the cumulative status of each tag checked in the loop.  For example: if all tags are passed, the loop is passed.  If one tag is failed, the loop is failed, etc.
    • The INSync Review administrator can override the status of the tag check status if required.
    • Once a loop status is set to Pass, it can be Issued to Completions.
    • If the loop requires more work in the field, it can be Re-issued to the iPad.

INSync Review Benefits

  • Provides management of change for INField Check and INLoop Check through a web portal.
  • Is an effective way to document and effect changes that are noted in the field and subsequently made to the SPI database

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