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Free iPad App
INView Anywhere v2.1
Now available with INField Check and INLoop Check

INView Anywhere is an easy-to-use tablet app for viewing SmartPlant™ Instrumentation (SPI) data anywhere on your plant site.  A data package consisting of relevant instrumentation data is created by INSync and uploaded to the iPad.  Data packages are refreshed on a predetermined time schedule, or as required, to keep the data current.

v2.1 includes:

  • Add-on app INField Check.  Using INView Anywhere, record as-found new data or corrections to existing data in a markup (includes both text and/or a photo) for any item available in INView Anywhere; for example an instrument, panel, cable, loop diagram, P&ID drawing, etc.  Markups are wirelessly uploaded to INSync Review where they can be reviewed and processed into SPI as needed.  Read more...
  • Add-on app INLoop Check available now.  Using INView Anywhere, perform pre-commissioning loop checks and related instrumentation checks.  Read more...
  • Full screen toggle button for details window.
  • Channel/position is displayed on wiring diagrams.
  • Navigate to a terminal strip diagram from loop and instrument diagrams.


  • FREE download to an UNLIMITED number of tablets.
  • More efficient for instrumentation techs; the data is available when and where it's needed - when examining an instrument!
  • Wi-Fi is not required to view instrumentation data out on the plant site
  • Instrumentation data is view only and cannot be modified or changed
  • Wild card searches are used to find required items; tags, loops, panels or cables
  • Shows which projects are using the same item when working in the SPI database As-Built mode.
  • Easily view:
    • all configured tag, loop, panel, line and other item properties including UDFs and UDTs.
    • associated documents such as datasheets, P&IDs, and loop diagrams, etc.
    • Wiring data and/or diagrams:
      • device and loop diagrams and the properties of items on the diagrams
      • connection diagrams for termination strips and their adjacent strip(s)
      • jumpers, wire colour, cable sets on the connections pane
  • Data packages created by INSync can be downloaded to the tablet as required by the INView Anywhere user.
  • Data packages are configurable to store any preferred range of data; domain, plant, area, unit, project or by loop(s)
  • Supports multiple data packages on the tablet
  • Use INField Check to add as-found markups to instruments, panels, drawings, etc. while on site
    • Upload as-found markups wirelessly to INSync 
    • Review and process markups using INSync Review
  • Use INLoop Check to perform pre-commissioning loop checks and related instrumentation checks
    • Upload check sheet data wirelessly to INSync
    • Review and process loop checks using INSync Review


This free iPad app comes with a fully functional demo data package.  Download the app from the Apple store to your iPad NOW.

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