Company History

Established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Barry Morris, WiseTools has a reputation for excellence and has entered into strategic partnerships with a variety of companies. Since 1996, we have been meeting all of our clients’ consulting and auditing needs, landing long term contracts with companies such as Shell and NWRP.

Located in the heart of the Canadian oil industry, Calgary, Alberta, WiseTools offers training solutions for both SmartPlant Instrumentation and our own software products.  We also provide SmartPlant Instrumentation consulting services to our clients. We specialize in establishing and maintaining SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) standards, auditing engineering data systems, enhancing data quality, data migration and database merging. We empower our clients with technology.

Areas of Expertise

  • SmartPlant Instrumentation implementation, maintenance and support
  • Development of software tools and applications that support SmartPlant Instrumentation
  • SmartPlant Instrumentation data migration, enhancement and database merging

SPI Implementation, Maintenance and Support

WiseTools provides expert consulting services for SPI system administration, training, plant turnovers, data merge and migration for SmartPlant Instrumentation. Our in depth knowledge and experience in engineering systems is invaluable when working with our clients and partners to develop and maintain SPI standards.

Development of Software Tools and Applications that Support SPI

WiseTools develops simple solutions to complex SmartPlant Instrumentation problems including game changing break-throughs in mobile technologies designed for use while on site that do not require Wi-Fi. Our solutions not only enhance the quality and the completeness of our client's SPI databases, but add complementary features and functions that enhance the value of the SPI data.

SPI Data Migration, Enhancement and Database Merging

Our dedicated staff draws on a deep understanding of all of our clients’ needs. We have extensive experience in data administration, be it migration, merging of databases or enhancing the user’s experience within their current database systems.