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WiseTools announces North West Redwater Partnership to use INLoop Check© on the Sturgeon Refinery project.

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 January 2016
 WiseTools / North West Redwater Partnership Agreement
 Calgary, Canada


WiseTools Inc. is pleased to announce an agreement has been made with the North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) to use the WiseTools mobile application INLoop Check© for all pre-commissioning loop checks on their Sturgeon Refinery project.

The tablet app INLoop Check© is a game-changing break-through in mobile computing on plant sites.  It will improve workforce productivity, data quality and the speed and accuracy of decision-making by enabling users to perform process control loop checks for traditional plant startup situations and to continually improve the performance of their plant by electronically recording as found data on the tablet. 

And it does all this on location, without paper and without Wi-Fi.

Client comments:

“Using a mobile solution to replace conventional paper loop check methods is the technological breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.”

“WiseTools INLoop Check© is just the type of green technology we have been looking for.  It will save a stack of paper 70 feet/20 meters high and fits in with the company’s commitment to using the most environmentally conscious processes available”.

Be part of the future now.


Use WiseTools' mobile products; INView Anywhere©, INField Check© and INLoop Check©.

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