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WiseTools releases its First Mobile App for Viewing Plant Instrumentation

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May 26, 2015
INView Anywhere© & INSync© are now available
Calgary, Canada

WiseTools today announced that INView Anywhere© v1.1 and INSync© v1.1 are now commercially available.

INView Anywhere© v1.1

INView Anywhere© is now available for the iPad from the Apple store. This app enables SmartPlant® Instrumentation (SPI) users to view their instrumentation data anywhere on the plant without requiring Wi-Fi availability at an instrument location. INView Anywhere© demonstrates WiseTools' commitment to supporting customer requirements by offering state of the art mobile technology to view instrumentation data at any time and from anywhere on a plant site – no Wi-Fi required.

INView Anywhere© increases SmartPlant™ Instrumentation user efficiency by providing unlimited iPad users with secure, immediate access to their instrumentation data anywhere on the plant. The intuitive INView Anywhere© iPad interface displays tag, loop, panel and cable properties, related documentation such as datasheets, loop drawings and terminal strip connections. The user no longer has to spend time reviewing instrument data in the office and /or printing it to take out onto the plant.

'Many of our customers have indicated a real need to access instrumentation data, not from within an office, but while they are out inspecting actual instruments' said Barry Morris, President of WiseTools Inc. He added 'INView Anywhere© makes viewing instrumentation data a reality without having Wi-Fi availability at an instrument location.' Feedback from customer reviews is extremely positive in that they see a real need for this type of product in today's economy.

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The data presented in INView Anywhere© is supplied by INSync© which is an application that connects to a SmartPlant® Instrumentation database to continuously synchronize data in the INSync© database. The INSync© administrator creates view-only data packages for wireless transmission to INView Anywhere©. Data packages are fully customizable to contain specific data specified by the administrator. Data packages are issued to INViewAnywhere© with a stale date and must be refreshed as they become stale to keep the data as current as possible.

INView Anywhere© Benefits

  • More efficient for plant maintenance; the data is available when and where it is needed - ON THE PLANT.
  • View:
    • All required tag, loop, panel and cable properties including UDFs and UDTs
    • Wildcard searches are used to quickly find any item; tags, loops, panels or cables, etc.
    • Related documentation such as datasheets, PIDs, device loop diagrams
    • Wiring diagrams; terminal strips connections and loop diagrams; navigate quickly and easily between adjacent connections and signals
    • Wi-Fi NOT required to display current instrumentation data
    • FREE download to an unlimited number of iPads and users; comes with fully functional demo data package

INSync© v1.1


The main purpose of INSync© is to create SPI data packages which are downloaded to the iPad by INView Anywhere© users for use on the plant.  INSync© obtains data for the data packages by connecting to the SPI database and automatically and continually synchronizing the INSync©database.


INSync© v1.1 Benefits

  • Connects to the SPI database to automatically synchronize the INSync© database with the SPI database
  • Prepares view-only data packages with a stale date for use in INView Anywhere©
  • Data packages are completely customizable for the intended user

HxGN Live Demonstrations

WiseTools representatives are available for demonstrations of INViewAnywhere© and INSync© during Intergraph's annual user conference, HxGN LIVE, scheduled for June 1-4, 2015, in Las Vegas. For a personal demonstration, contact us at +1.403.233.8015 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


INView Anywhere© v1.1 for the iPad is available now from the Apple Store. Download to use the app with the included demo package.

Download to the iPad as follows:

  1. From the iPad, tap the App Store icon.
  2. From the Featured page, touch the search control to display the iPad keyboard.
  3. Enter "inview anywhere" and tap Search on the keyboard.
  4. Tap Get to download the app.

INSync© v1.1 is available now. Contact us at +1.403.233.8015 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for licensing and purchase options.

About WiseTools

WiseTools provides simple solutions to complex SPI problems. Our dedicated staff assists our SPI clients to enhance the quality and the completeness of SmartPlant Instrumentation databases. WiseTools has been a SPI Consultant since 1996. We have created and are still creating SPI tools and procedures for auditing, enhancing, and ensuring the quality of SPI data.

Established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by Barry Morris, WiseTools has a stellar reputation for excellence and has entered into strategic partnerships with a variety of companies. Since 1996, WiseTools has been meeting all of our clients' consulting and auditing needs, landing long term contracts with companies such as Shell Canada, Shell Global, Chevron and NWRP.

Located in the home of the Canadian oil industry, Calgary, Alberta, WiseTools offers SPI training and consulting. We specialize in establishing and maintaining SPI Standards, auditing SPI engineering database systems, enhancing SPI data quality, SPI data migration and database merging.

WiseTools empower our clients with technology; our technology.