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June 12 - Shell Press Release

Shell purchases WiseTools INView and INAudit, part of the WiseTools Productivity Suite, for its world-wide UPSTREAM operation.

Shell Upstream explores for and extracts crude oil and natural gas, often in joint ventures with international and national oil companies. They liquefy natural gas by cooling and transport it to customers across the world. Shell Upstream also converts natural gas to liquids (GTL) to provide cleaner burning fuels. Upstream markets and trades natural gas and power in support of their businesses. They extract bitumen - an especially thick, heavy oil – from mined oil sands and convert it to synthetic crude oil.

Shell’s upstream businesses are grouped into two organizational units: Upstream Americas, covering the Americas, and Upstream International, covering the rest of the world with major interests in Europe, Asia/Middle East/Russia, Australia/Oceania and Africa.

The WiseTools Productivity Suite includes INView©INAudit©, INSpec© and INFront©.  These products significantly enhance SmartPlant Instrumentation software productivity.

INView© is a web-based application which provides plant maintenance and project managers with an easy and secure browser view of their SmartPlant Instrumentation database.  INView© uses simple search options to view and print tags and datasheets (both current and archived), panel strip, I/O and loop reports. Also view:

- Loops
- Device and FF Device Loop Diagrams
- Datasheets, Current and Archived
- Attached Documents
- Calculations
- Alarms and Trips
- Calibration Values
- Segments
- Hook-ups

INView© does not require an SPI license; simply a connection to the SPI database. Supports SPI v7, v8 and v9 and engineering and owner operator modes.

INVConfig© is a utility that accompanies INView© and is used to create configuration files which customize the INView© program for a specific instrumentation database. Configuration files are created for each domain in a database.


INAudit© is a web-based application that offers SmartPlant Instrumentation users; plant maintenance, instrumentation leads and project managers with an uncomplicated method of auditing their SPI database to identify inaccurate, incomplete and corrupt data – all without logging into SPI.  INAudit© interrogates the Instrument Index, Datasheets, Process Data, Wiring, Segments, Loops, I/O, General Statistics and Standards and generates reports summarizing its findings.  These reports can be exported to Excel.

INAudit© does not require an SPI license. Supports SPI v7, v8 and v9 and engineering and owner operator modes.

INAConfig© is a utility that accompanies INAudit© and is used to define auditing rules and exceptions and the parameters required to perform an audit of the SPI database.

For details about the WiseTools Productivity Suite and our range of SmartPlantApps, please direct your enquires to:

International – 011.1.403.233.8015
North America – 1.403.233.8015 |